The Healthy Life Conference

On April 13th, 2017, Annapolis Area Christian School held a conference to teach and encourage students to lead a healthy life in four areas; emotional, spiritual, interpersonal, and physical. Various workshops were held were teachers and parents from the school, as well as members of the community gave their stories and their tips of how they lead healthy lives.

I had the opportunity to create the collateral for the day and was tasked to create a logo and pamphlet that would be printed and given to each student, so that they could take notes during the workshops that they attended.

healthy life_Banner.png


This was my first venture into icon design. I like to keep things clean and geometrical, therefore, I worked to keep details minimal and shape symmetrical. Walkway Rounded was used for the lettering and a grunge texture was added into the icons to provide variety.

X Health Logo-03.png

X Configuration

healthy life icons_Banner Square.png

Icon Detail


These toolboxes were designed to be used during the closing session to illustrate that they have tools that they can use in order to lead a healthy life.

Now that you have been given these tools, what are you going to do with them?

Printed Pamphlet