Falling Asleep / by Luke Sohl

I can't believe that install starts in three days! I have been working on a last minute piece for the senior show and what is above is what I have so far. There will be a type element to it ("You are the light of the world, a city on a hill cannot be hidden.") but I haven't decided how I want to accomplish that. I hope to print it out and have about an extra foot to two feet at each end that will roll up so it looks like a scroll. Trying to save this puppy is a pain in the but. It's 889 mb and it has to be saved as a .psb. It takes about 5-7 minutes to save it each time. Phew!

Nothing new or crazy going on. I had the opportunity to "send off" one of my good friends from Salisbury today at the CRU senior sendoff. It was cool being able to share with people how much he has meant to me the last four years that I have known him at Salisbury. It's funny to see how he has grown from an immature freshman to being a senior and getting married a year from this summer! Crazy. Also got a chance to get a drink with Andy and catch up with him a bit. We're trying to make plans of where we are going to be so that if we both can find jobs around the Annapolis/Baltimore area, we can still look at moving in together, but it is just going to be a waiting game until his lease is up in August and I hear back from a job. 

Well, another short post but the alcohol is making me tired and I have to get to bed so that I can wake up early and get some stuff done tomorrow morning that I wasn't able to get done today. Then I have work tomorrow evening and then more catch-up work Sunday and gallery drop-off day Monday. AHH! Feeling better and more confident today though with all the work I've been able to get done these past few days! 

Good night all (if anyone is reading, haha) and catch ya later!