April 29 / by Luke Sohl

So about a month and a half later and here is post number 2!

Every day I walk down the hall of the arts building at Salisbury, I am reminded that graduation is right around the corner and that I have to start installing my senior show in a matter of a few days. And every time I am reminded, my stomach hurts a little more and my anxiety rises about 50 points. 

That sounds awfully dramatic, but it is weird to think that in a matter of a few days, I will be leaving Salisbury, a home that I have known these last 5 years. I am so used to thinking, "oh, I have the summer to relax, then it's right back to Salisbury for another semester!" Not this time, it's time for a big-kid job and start paying bills and being responsible. Ew!

I have applied to three jobs, one as a multimedia teacher, another as a communications coordinator, and another as a graphic designer, and am waiting to hear back from them. Two of the jobs are near Baltimore, and I am hoping to receive an offer that could allow me to move in or near the city and potentially room with a good friend of mine (check his stuff out) who is waiting anxiously to hear if he was accepted into MICA. But as of right now, I am moving into my parents place and continuing the job search after graduation.

But back to the senior show. I have been trying to consolidate ideas and I think that I have settled on a set of pieces for the show. Vague I know but I will upload photos when I am done installing sometime mid next week. 

Well, off to go follow up with a phone call to one of the jobs I applied to. Wish me luck and hopefully I won't take forever to post again.