What Happens After Tomorrow? by Luke Sohl

These past two and a half weeks have been full of running around, climbing up and down ladders, going to the hospital, family, and friends.

The senior graphic design show had it's big "opening" event last Friday and my family and a lot of my friends showed up and it was really great! Before I go any further though, here are some pictures from the gallery during install (don't have any pictures from the actual event, those will be put up later).

Have all my work and the canvas hung. Called it a day after my dad and I had spent about 6 hours installing just this alone.

Those plexiglass pieces were a pain in the butt to hang. It was really difficult trying to get them level, especially when you are trying to hold onto monofilament line and hoping to tie it off without it slipping. I eventually resorted to putting a nail on one side of the eye bolt and having the string wrap around it to level it off. 

It took about 6+ hours to hang the paper (still not complete in this photo). I individually sewed the pages to the canvas. Took a really long time to finish, but I was really happy with how it turned out.

After spending almost an entire day in the gallery sewing the paper on the canvas, I was done and it felt so good! The funny thing is, is that the day I finished the gallery, I was breaking up radiators with a sledge hammer for sculpture, and a huge piece went flying towards my leg. I tried to walk it off but noticed that my pant leg was getting a little bloody, so I lifted my pant leg and my sock was turning a nice color of red. So I went to student health services and I ended up in the hospital getting an x-ray of my leg to ensure that there was no iron that flew into my leg, causing the deep cut. Thankfully they didn't find any iron, so I am still waiting for it to heal up.

Back to the gallery. The gallery was open the entire week but the reception wasn't until that Friday. Talk about a crazy week. My last classes were on Monday and Tuesday and I had to catch up on little projects and get those done and handed in. After that, I just had to fill my time with stuff, trying to wait patiently for Friday.

The day finally got here and my mom and dad came early to take me to lunch (and grab some boxes to make the move home easier) and it was time to head to the gallery. Everything went over swimmingly and I actually received the Fulton Purchase Award. The dean of the Fulton School of Liberal Arts purchased my Erasing History series for the permanent collection. It was a huge honor and I was able to drop them off on Monday and they should be going up soon! It's really exciting to know that my work will stay with the school and people will be able to see it for many years to come. 

Since that was the last big thing for my college career, I pretty much have not been doing anything and have just been waiting for Graduation, which is tomorrow!! While I am really excited for graduation and to celebrate my time and accomplishments at Salisbury, the day also comes with some sadness and uncertainties. First of all, I have been here for five years and this is really all I have known. It will be weird to not live across the apartment complex from my friends and not be able to just go over and hang out. It will be weird not to go to classes, but let's be honest, I won't miss that at all. 

With that , I am still looking for a job and have no clue what I will be doing with myself these next few weeks while I search for jobs and waiting to hear from places. I am hoping to work a lot on the show that I am in come August and be able to make some good headway on work for the show. Other than that, not really sure. I guess just catching up with friends and probably helping my parents finish painting the house. 

Well, I think this has gone on long enough. More pictures of the gallery and graduation to come, and updates on work for the show in August.

(BELOW: A few more pictures from the gallery)

Falling Asleep by Luke Sohl

I can't believe that install starts in three days! I have been working on a last minute piece for the senior show and what is above is what I have so far. There will be a type element to it ("You are the light of the world, a city on a hill cannot be hidden.") but I haven't decided how I want to accomplish that. I hope to print it out and have about an extra foot to two feet at each end that will roll up so it looks like a scroll. Trying to save this puppy is a pain in the but. It's 889 mb and it has to be saved as a .psb. It takes about 5-7 minutes to save it each time. Phew!

Nothing new or crazy going on. I had the opportunity to "send off" one of my good friends from Salisbury today at the CRU senior sendoff. It was cool being able to share with people how much he has meant to me the last four years that I have known him at Salisbury. It's funny to see how he has grown from an immature freshman to being a senior and getting married a year from this summer! Crazy. Also got a chance to get a drink with Andy and catch up with him a bit. We're trying to make plans of where we are going to be so that if we both can find jobs around the Annapolis/Baltimore area, we can still look at moving in together, but it is just going to be a waiting game until his lease is up in August and I hear back from a job. 

Well, another short post but the alcohol is making me tired and I have to get to bed so that I can wake up early and get some stuff done tomorrow morning that I wasn't able to get done today. Then I have work tomorrow evening and then more catch-up work Sunday and gallery drop-off day Monday. AHH! Feeling better and more confident today though with all the work I've been able to get done these past few days! 

Good night all (if anyone is reading, haha) and catch ya later!

April 29 by Luke Sohl

So about a month and a half later and here is post number 2!

Every day I walk down the hall of the arts building at Salisbury, I am reminded that graduation is right around the corner and that I have to start installing my senior show in a matter of a few days. And every time I am reminded, my stomach hurts a little more and my anxiety rises about 50 points. 

That sounds awfully dramatic, but it is weird to think that in a matter of a few days, I will be leaving Salisbury, a home that I have known these last 5 years. I am so used to thinking, "oh, I have the summer to relax, then it's right back to Salisbury for another semester!" Not this time, it's time for a big-kid job and start paying bills and being responsible. Ew!

I have applied to three jobs, one as a multimedia teacher, another as a communications coordinator, and another as a graphic designer, and am waiting to hear back from them. Two of the jobs are near Baltimore, and I am hoping to receive an offer that could allow me to move in or near the city and potentially room with a good friend of mine (check his stuff out) who is waiting anxiously to hear if he was accepted into MICA. But as of right now, I am moving into my parents place and continuing the job search after graduation.

But back to the senior show. I have been trying to consolidate ideas and I think that I have settled on a set of pieces for the show. Vague I know but I will upload photos when I am done installing sometime mid next week. 

Well, off to go follow up with a phone call to one of the jobs I applied to. Wish me luck and hopefully I won't take forever to post again.

Setting Up Shop by Luke Sohl

Well Hello There!

Let me introduce myself. My name is Luke Sohl, I'm 22, and I am a senior at Salisbury University in Maryland. I have no clue what is happening after I graduate, but I guess that's the way it goes!

I have been really trying to create a lot of new work for my senior exhibition that I am in in May and I am also in a show with three of my friends at the Downtown SU Gallery in September. AH! Sitting here trying to think of what to write but I am super tired. I tried to drive back home today, but Thor had other plans, so I am staying in a hotel 50 miles from home.

For this post, I am including a quick little sketch I did in class the other day. I am in a web design class and I am reworking the local SPCA's website and I thought I would use this as a new logo, but I realized that it looked pretty old school and not the style I was really going for. 

So Jurassic Park 3 is on TV, so I am going to get this up and try and get some sleep, which should be pretty easy with this pretty awful movie, ha!


P.S. Please be patient with this website. I just put it up tonight and it will take some time to get everything up and running. Eventually, I'd like to have a shop where I can sell prints and other goodies. Thanks guys!