Birth of a Hero

The Annapolis Area Christian School's Golden Eagle Marching Band's 2017 show is titled "Birth of a Hero". This show is about how we look to Christ as we aspire to be better. 

The first movement is called "Courage" and is using music from the song "Live Like That" by Sidewalk Prophets. The second and third movement bleed together musically, but are broken down into two halves: "Temptation" and "Compassion". The fourth and final movement is called "Glory" and is an arrangement of "Ode to Joy" by Beethoven.



When first sitting down to design the mark, I found that sculpting had been a reoccurring theme in my life the last few weeks. Not only are my students working on a soapstone sculpture in my 3D-Design class, but a short video was shown during AACS' Healthy Life Conference depicting how Christ is similar to an sculptor. 

I first started with a very abstract logo that had four shapes. The thought was that the square on the left hand side was transitioning to the circle on the right, with the two shapes in the center gaining more and more edges to resemble a circle. After some discussion, it was determined that it was too abstract, but the sculpture idea was something to work off of.

I now wanted to show how a sculpture was coming out of and being sculpted from the block of whatever (in this case marble) it started from. The first sculpture that came to mind was David by Michelangelo. I was going to use this just as a reference to convey the idea I had, but the band director ended up loving it.



Color can be the bane of my existence, but I took a deep breath and searched for some inspiration. Because David resides in Florence, Italy, I thought I would find a few pictures of Florence and pull color from the photographs.

To the left you can see the photos I chose and what color schemes I came up with. This was a very convenient way of finding color schemes without having to go to Adobe Color and find something generic or overused. Keeping a color rule in mind, and using the eye dropper tool, this process was a breeze.

We ended up choosing the lower scheme of the top photo, using the orange color for the outline, and the darker blue/green color for the shading.



Search, search, search. I finally came across Triunfo and found that it fit the weight and feel of the mark that had been created. I experimented with adding the extra line and incorporating the shading from the mark into the type, and ended up really enjoying it.

Birth of a Hero Mockup.jpg

Mock Up

So, mark + colors + type = time to mock it up. I put all the elements together and sent it off to be critiqued and/or approved. Mr. Hall loved it and we are off to print!